National Secretariat

Mrs. Ruth K. Odondi, The Executive Officer
Mrs. Emily Kago, Finance and Administration Officer
"He who does not read is as badly off as one who cannot read". A large measure of man's progress to fit in his environment comes about as a result of reading. Reading is one of the chief means of unfolding of all knowledge and understanding. Alexander the Great was not like Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates is not like Martin Luther King, a chief financial officer of a global enterprise is not the same as a senior accountant in a local firm. Yet they all have something in common; they were/are readers. Genetics may bless some individuals with better raw materials than others, but we can all improve on what nature gave us. We at NBDCK promote reading for life. Ask me and I will let you know that this is a noble idea.

The Council Board members are:

  • Dr. Henry Chakava
  • Mr. Gacheche Waruingi
  • Chairperson Kenya Publishers
  • Chairperson Kenya Booksellers & Stationery Associaties
  • Chairperson Kenya Library Association
  • Director, Kenya National Library Service
  • Director, Department of Culture
  • Director, Department of Quality Assurance & Standards
  • Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology (MOEST)
  • Director, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

Membership is open to subscribers to the Memorandum of Association (Stakeholders) and such other persons as the Board may from time to time in its discretion admit to membership. This is upon payment of subscription fee.
For more information contact the Secretariat.